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It would be rather difficult to justify putting 'Software' in the name if there wasn't some to be had. On this page you will find the clean, packaged "release" versions of titles fit for widespread distribution. For a more complete software listing with less quality control, check the software portfolio. For a listing of only audio games, jump over to the plaintext audio games page.

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March 18, 2017 SoundTest 2
A NES sound development tool for the modern era. Edit all 4 registers of the square, triangle and noise sound channels and preview the result. Values are displayed in binary and hexadecimal, and related bitfields are highlighted and given a brief description to better facilitate location of the desired sound properties. A provided text document also lists wave period timer values for the canonical musical scale, and the most intuitive breakdown of length counter values.

June 25, 2015 8-Bit Hero Trainer
Utilize both the Power Glove and Power Pad peripherals to engage in first-person 8-Bit RPG combat! 8BHT is a world-first in NES gameplay, leapfrogging traditional roleplay in which combat is driven by menus and action buttons, instead putting you face to face with over a dozen 8-bit monster simulations in real time. Use your own sword to slash at the enemy weak points, and evade attacks by sidestepping, jumping, and ducking with your own body! Gain combat experience and increase your character level and stats as you work your way up to the elusive TRAINING ALL CLEAR!
For 1 player. Hardware required.

$50 - see Description
September 17, 2017 8-Bit Hero Trainer - Cartridge Release

After many too-long delays for too-stupid reasons, 8BHT is NOW AVAILABLE as a physical cartridge! To keep things simple, domestic United States pricing is $50 including USPS First Class shipping. See the Donations page for rough details on what payment will entail, but please e-mail me first if you want to place an order for 8BHT, because quantities are very limited at the moment, and the precise timing of availability may vary.

What's included in that price:

  • The Game, tested on both frontloader and toploader NES, with bugfixes, a new password system, and bonus final-boss BGM not found in the free ROM
  • The final full-color 24-page instruction booklet
  • Snazzy PsychSoftware cartridge sleeve (sturdy 100lb gloss cardstock)
  • Box designed & constructed to ye olde authentic NES packaging spec (ditto)
  • Environmentally friendly fan-folded cardstock filler (because who needs styrofoam?)
  • Less environmentally-friendly plastic inner-bag sealed with your very own safety warning label (for that authentic first-unboxing experience!)

What's not included in that price? $50 pretty much covers the cost of materials and shipping and paying myself minimum-ish wage for the amortized hour-per-copy of time spent at the print shop plus cutting, detailing and hand-assembling all the materials. If I were to even try to recoup the 3 months of development time I put into the game, even paying myself part-time fresh-out-of-college wages instead of my usual decade-experienced Senior Developer salary, the cost per unit for a whopping 100-unit run would be closer to $120 If I only budget for a couple batches of 10, as I more or less expect, the cost would be approaching $1000. So I think $50 is a fair compromise.

June 15, 2013 Nesglovphone
Perform music in real time on the NES' sound chip utilizing the Mattel Power Glove! Nesglovphone provides a reasonably intuitive musical interface and grants access to nearly all hardware features of the square, triangle and noise channels. Multiple modes of interaction allow for a balance of flexibility and control. Trigger up to 4 octaves of notes via simple point-and-shoot. For increased speed and precision, map up to 9 pitches to the PowerGlove numeric pad and play them relative to any key / reference note. Configure automatic harmonics, and switch on the fly between mappings for various chords and keys. Sculpt volume and tonal qualities dynamically using hand motions while you play for true musical expression.
For 1 player. Hardware required.

Oct. 23, 2011 Eternal GladNES
In the event of the collapse of society, Aperture Science Personality constructs are designed to function on architectures as early as 8-bit for protracted periods of time.
For 0 players.
Toneix on Unity Webplayer.
Toneix.exe for Windows (zip) for Mac OSX (zip)
October 16, 2010 Toneix
First of a potential series of Psych Software audio game titles. Move your catcher to collect and match falling tone tiles. This game will test your listening, memory and reflex through a limitless progression of levels in the classic style of early video arcades. Toneix is built on the Unity 3D game engine, and as with all Psych Software audio titles, Toneix is fully self-voicing and requires no additional software or peripherals in stand-alone versions. See the plaintext audio games page for details.
For 1 player only... at present.

Unity webplayer with OSX Universal 32/64 & Win32/64 download links or
Legacy PPC/MacIntel/XP/Vista combo
Oct. 29, 2011 Tekunoma
The Procedural Mystery Dungeon project: Tekunoma. Still in its infancy, I've snuck a copy out of R&D in the hope of justifying months of apparent inactivity on the bringing-you-new-games front. Who is this mysterious blonde girl? Why is she stuck in an increasingly vast underground maze? What are those vaguely-3D pieces of spinning pixeljunk? With the project's transition to the Unity engine, you can now play in a browser AND not crash on 64-bit architectures (that, and the developer gets far fewer headaches...)! This one's probably still years out, but progress is being made.
For 1 player only.

OSX Universal or Windows
Jun. 10, 2008 Galaxxon Legacy
A top-down arcade sh'm'up in the classic style. Choose from 5 pilot personae with very different flagship performance characteristics and fly series of missions as you build your fleet and expand your arsenal! Showcases an innovative 3D-lit-sprite graphics system and the Psych Software proprietary Chiptune waveform synthesizer. If you're willing to get your hands dirty and experiment, you can even create your own content- ships, weapons, missions, music, the works!
For 1 or 2 players, saves to internal file.

Oct. 23, 2011 Gray Box
Technically predating Mandelbrot Set, but released later in conjunction with the Nintendo Famicom's 25th birthday. Celebrate 25 years of 8-bit goodness with... the blinking gray screen of death? Wait a minute... I'm sure if you blow into your keyboard it will work...
For 0 players.

Jul. 17, 2008 Mandelbrot Set
Who says the NES can only do simple math? Watch as authentic 8-bit 6502 assembly is used to draw the infamous Mandelbrot Set fractal in real time. Use a few simple controls to explore different regions of the fractal at varying magnifications and render depths, or just sit back and trip to the 2A03 pAPU's rendition of Jonathan Coulton's tribute of the same name.
For 0 or 1 players.

Jul. 16, 2004 HexS
A NES remake of the classic DOS shareware "Hexxagon", originally by Jason Blochowiak. Strategically replicate and jump your pieces to capture adjacent opposing pieces and gain control of the board. A simple mechanic, with a nearly infinite range of gameplay scenarios. Once you've mastered the classic board, the integrated editor allows you to create and play challenges of your own design!
For 1 or 2 players.

Mar. 27, 2007 Galaxxon: the Third War
My first NES title, and the first generally worthwhile title in the Galaxxon series. It's a fairly standard 80's-style sh'm'up with 6 increasingly difficult stages. A typical selection of arcade power-ups exist- weapon-up, shield, smart-bomb and extra-life, but with limited assets, I decided to try a kills-per-time success metric for each level rather than more traditional clear-the-screen or reach-the-finish mechanics. I also played around with using the MMC3 mapper to do ridiculously frequent graphics swaps for effects like translucency and color blending not usually possible on the NES.
For 1 player only.